Windows Commander tips
Windows Commander (WC)

New in version 3.01

  • Seems to load slower than 2.11
  • Right click on file/rename - can edit filename.
  • Bug: when filesize is over 1M, it overlaps filetype.
-2) You can search for files, 'feed to listbox' and them perform
global operation on them, such as delete.
-1) After file search is over, easiest way to search another drive
for same file is to click 'drive(s)' and 'start search'.
0) Speed search - type several characters to get exact hit.
Same thing works in Windows 95 'open file' dialogs
(it doesn't work in Win 3.1).
1) Tree - Alt-F10 - speedsearch OK.
2) There are buttons to go to .. and /.
3) File/Attributes allows to change timestamp!
4) SS in file display. Just letter, press again to search more.
5) F8 dels to recycle bin (optional).
6) Does not use Win95 file assocs. Yes it does, you can see
from icons! And correct prgs load too!
7) Pressing ENTER on archive opens it like dir (as in DN!).
And you can copy file from there.
Copy file to arc too (I thinketh).
8) Alt-enter shows win95 dialog with file properties (dermo).
9) Right click on toolbar - can change.
10) You can drag button around!
11) Defined F4 as XEDIT - udobnej than in DN.
12) You can drag file to Delete button - best of both worlds!
13) No Info View - yy...
14) Press ^-SHIFT-ENTER to paste %@full[name].
15) Change Start menu - can add entries under "Start".
Change main menu - select which menus will appear. For ex,
I just changed wincmd interface to classic NC.
And back.
16) Convenient WC feature: if you change drive with mouse, it
shows not only letters, but their mappings!
17-54) empty
55) remembers what dir was current on a drive... so does DOS, though.
56) It is ok to skip your entry with speedsearch - pressing up
arrow will get right back to it.
57) Zip handling routine are built in, while RAR are external
(except view).
58) Drag file to desktop to create shortcut there.