My Visual Basic programs


Small download -
for advanced users

2.9M download
- for novice users

Program downloads all binaries from a specified newsgroup.
Perfect for extracting pictures/sounds, while bypassing the spam.

Click here to browse the readme file.
If you have trouble running this program, you may need updated
versions of MFC42.DLL and MSVCRT.DLL - download them

Last update: 19 Jul 1999

REXX.BAS Useful functions for VB (most will work with QB too)
Word, Subword, Delword, Words, Index,
Strip, Copies, Center, Pos, ParseVar,
Translate, Xrange, Kount, Delay, Exists,
Upper, Lower, Substr, Space, RxRight, RxLeft

SHORTCUT Textmode program to make Explorer shortcuts on desktop, Start menu, etc.

TAB This one converts Microsoft Access database to tab-delimited format.

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