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Name Description Maker Notes
Macromedia Dreamweaver GUI HTML editor that supposedly doesn't mess with your code Macromedia  
Miva Mia Miva (HTML Script) personal edition    
MidPoint Teamer Modem bonding prg MidCore Software This one really works! I have two V.90 accounts and MidPoint lets me achieve 10k/sec download speeds!!!
MS Proxy Server trial      
RealPlayer 5.0   RealNetworks Direct link - skip the annoying forms

RegClean 4.1a Cleanup registry Microsoft Older version hated IE 4.0, this one supposedly doesn't mind.

Opera 3.0 Final The fastest web browser on this side of the Big Dipper Opera Software 1M
PC Medic Crash Protection McAfee 8.18M
This thing is dangerous - one of PC Medic's components, called Crash Monitor, keeps its log in the registry - when I figured that out and uninstalled it, registry shrunk from 3.7M to 2M!!
LinkBot HTML checking utility Tetranet Software Great prg! According to my sources (that is, to myself), half of the links on the webpage become outdated within 6 months. Linkbot will help you to find them. Sidenote - better close LinkBot when not using it, I suspect that it hogs CPU.
NetMedic ISP/modem performance monitor Vital Signs  
ZipMagic Warning: if computer hangs while ZipMagic is archiving, there is TROUBLE. Also, letting application use (espcially write!) data files stored inside ZipMagic archive is not totally safe. I'll say more, it's recipee for disaster! File contents may vanish or entire ZIP may get corrupted.
And I also found out that when 22 days are left in evaluation, ZM starts malicious nagging - nag screens appeared twice within 30 minutes.
Finally, if DOS program is set to 'suspend to background', then switching to another window while it's using ZipMagic may cause instant hang! Ok, now that I warned you, read about the features!

Displays ZIP files as folders. Also allows you to peek into ZIP files with Internet Explorer. Can even run programs without explicitly unzipping them - very convenient! One usage example: when browsing software collection CD, go all the way to README files without extracting them. Aside from mere timesaving, it can also help against junk files filing C:\TEMP directory.

What's even more amazing - even in DOS prompt, you can enter ZIP files like directories!!! This is supersonic!!! Creating dreictory like A.ZIP will create a zip file, copying stuff to it will compress the files!!!!

You can run program from ZIP directory - the files it creates will be inside the archive. Even directories it creates will be directories within ZIP file!!!

It even works with FTP server - ZIP files on my anomynous FTP server can now be viewed like directories!!!!!!!!
And ZipMagic supports web servers too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Word of caution - some programs are better off seeing ZIP files as they are - for example, command like FTP client.

TrueSpeech player for Win95 Plays .TSP streaming audio files DSP Group Use this URL to bypass the form filling

TeleVox Internet Phone Voxware Version 2.5 beta.
Internet FastFind Searches Internet using multiple engines Symantec Demo expires on September 20. Programma - krysoty neopisuemoj. Uses 7 engines (WebSeeker searches 20), but organizes results better.
ReachOut Excellent remote access program, supports TCP/IP Stac Direct download link
VoicePad Word Processor with voice dictation Kurzweil 5.6M
Trial version will stop working at 2500 words
KeyView Incredible multi-format viewer, best I've seen! Verity 3M, expires in 30 days
WinREXX REXX for Windows Enterprise Alternatives Good implementation of REXX, with some extremely useful windows functions - for example, clipboard manipulation.
CuteFTP Good ftp client Alex Kunadze This ver is no longer freeware - stops after 30 days or something
Kedit for Windows Best text editor I know! Mansfield Software Demo can only save files up to 75 lines long
Name Maker
Virus Scan McAfee
Speed Disk for NT Symantec
Visual Basic
Control Creation Edition
PC Anywhere 8 Symantec
MS Word Viewer 97 Microsoft
Direct links to trial software, from here it can be downloaded without filling all those annoying online forms.

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