NCFTP tips
Notes on version 2.3.0
  • I finally figured out where user/password info is stored (formerly in .netrc) - type 'o', hilite site and type '/ed'. This info (not sure about password yet) will be used if you open site without the '-u' flag.

  • In site's entry, password is not really stored until you actually type it in bookmark editor.

  • Under Win95, option 'fast pasting' should be disabled. To do that, start NCFTP thru batch file and uncheck 'fast pasting' is properties box - you will not be able to do this with propertes for NCFTP.EXE itself. Same goes for LYNX, btw.

  • Use forward slashes when changing directory: lcd c:/pub.

  • NCFTP lowercases filenames when uploading to UNIX host.

  • Win95: shell commands work from NCFTP, but they don't pause before returning - use something like DIR /P.

  • NCFTP assigns nicknames to sites you visit - when you are in, nickname is in the prompt. Prefix 'ftp' doesn't become part of nick.

  • There is now filename completion with TAB - just like in 4DOS!

  • There is cat subcommand - display file on the screen.

  • get -C implemenets REGET functionality - you can continue interrupted download from where you left off. Yay!

  • While NCFTP is running, percentage is displayed in ballon help for its icon - just leave mouse pointing at it.

  • Macros are stored in file ".ncftp\macros".

  • In this version you can put 'quit' in the end of macro, so it runs completely in batch mode!

  • PUT now works like MPUT. To specify a remote filename use '-z' flag: PUT -z local remote