Kedit tips
  • TAG command is good for looking at all string that match target - while still seeing the program flow.
    Use SET COLOR HIGHLIGHT BLACK ON GREY in PROFILE.KEX to change defaul tag line color (the default color doesn't look that good).
  • Fixing the "macro has been interrupted by Ctrl-Break" fluke - reboot takes care of it.
  • Trick to force second instance of Kedit to start - run a script that asks for input, then launch Kedit again - it will say "Kedit is busy" and will offer you to start a new instance.
  • 'SET DEBUGG OFF' works in Kedit too - closes the debugging window.
  • TAG command is useful when I edit a large file - it allows me to mark some key lines, so it's easier to locate them visually.
  • When 'SET CASED MIXED I I' is in effect, CHANGE command will replace both lowercase and uppercase occurences - while preserving their case!
  • Kedit for Windows - double click on a word to hilite it.
  • Occasionally Kedit for Windows goes berserk and keeps repeating 'macro has been interrupted by Ctrl-Break or Ctrl-Alt-Shift'. Reloading Kedit doesn't help, but pressing each of these key combinations once cures the problem.

  • Can return 'invalid function call' when string in SUBWORD() (or maybe other funcs too) is longer than WIDTH.

  • If keys like Alt-\ stop working, reload KEDIT.

  • Strangely, changing color settings for curline also seems to affect the block. For example after
    block color becomes white on black.

  • To type stuff you don't want anybody to see, set COLOR * BLUE ON BLUE to make letters invisible while you are in the file (it will help if you have SET WORDRWRAP ON).

  • Local arrays used in PROCEDURE are automatically DROPped on RETURN.

  • Changes made by macro are saved as single UNDO level.

  • To free memory used by a global variable, assign it to empty value: 'EDITV SET X'.