Free Computers

27 Jun 2003 - The info on this page is out of date, preserved for historical reasons only.
The era of free computers has passed and most of the firms listed here seem to be out of business.

Free PCs

Name Info
Enchilada AMD-300 CPU - alright! It's sort of like a lease - $20 for 48 months. However, you also get Internet access for this money. Not sure what happens to access after 4 years.
Gobi Another lease-like plan - $26 a month for 3 years, internet access included. Unlike Enchilada, they explain what happens after 3 years - you can either get it for <$50 or donate it and then Gobi will send you a new computer, beginning a new lease.

Most powerful CPU on this page - Celeron 333!

"We do not reserve space on the desktop screen for advertisements or promotions."

Intersquid $30 for 30 months, with inet access. Note that unlike Enchilada, Gobi and Intersquid charge more than regular internet access would cost... but then again their lease term is shorter.
DirectWeb You get free PC by choosing them as your ISP. I assume, there has to be a several year contract, but their website doesn't mention it. Only thing they say is "your credit card is charged $150, which is refunded after a year" - probably, it's only refunded if you stay with the service.
Only first 25.000 subscribers get a free PC - this is beginning to look like a gimmick.
Free-PC You need to use them as ISP and you screen is plastered with advertising. Also, not everybody gets it - I know people who signed up and haven't heard back from Free-PC.


Cheap PCs

Name Info What's the catch ?
Emachines As for 04/08/99, you can get an AMD 300 machine for $399!
Webzter JR (Microworkz) $299, available April 19
They want to charge extra $99 for floppy and CDROM - duh!

This page is dedicated the new phenomena - Free PCs. Comments are welcome - if you actually received one of these freebies, tell me what you think! Or email me if you know of free computers that are not listed here.

I also list computers that break the 'low price' barrier.

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