Thursday 9 Mar 2000

Manager: I got a black belt in karate!
Dave: That doesn't scare me.
Manager: I got a gun!
Dave: You must be pretty lousy black belt, if you need a gun.
Manager: I got a black belt in karate!
Milt: I am a black man in Los Angeles!
Manager: I got a gun!
Dave: No, you don't. If you did, you'd be sticking it in my face, not talking about it.
Rude Awakening

Tuesday 22 Feb 2000

"There are people who apply the hacker attitude to other things, like electronics or music -- actually, you can find it at the highest levels of any science or art. Software hackers recognize these kindred spirits elsewhere and may call them "hackers" too -- and some claim that the hacker nature is really independent of the particular medium the hacker works in."

Wednesday 2 Feb 2000

Any stereotype is like a snapshot - it may be precise at the moment,
but becomes outdated a minute later!

Monday 24 Jan 2000

You cannot r-r-run from your own bunghole.

Monday 01/10/00

Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life,
the whole aim and end of human existence.


Wednesday 08/04/99

Planning to see "Blair Witch Project" ? Look at these reviews and save the money!

Monday 08/02/99

They (kids) walk with their baseball caps on backward, which makes about as much sense as wearing a jockstrap backward.
I feel there ought to be a federal law stating that before you get your nose pierced, you should have to take IQ test, which would consist of one question ("Do you want to to get your nose pierced ?"), and if you gave the wrong asnwer ("Yes"), you would be legally prohibited from getting your nose pierced.
You'd see him on the TV news, zooming across the water, the president of the United States, with an expression identical to that of a three-year-old boy pushing a little Tonka truck and making a motor sounds with his lips, the way little boys instinctively do, like this: BRRRRMMMMM.

Looking at him, you knew for a fact that he was not thinking about the unemployment rate, or the status of his proposed federal budget, or problems in the Middle East. You knew exactly what he is thinking, because it was the same thing every guy is thinking when he is driving a motorized vehicle real fast. George Bush, the Leader of the Free World, was thinking: BRRRRMMMMM.

Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys

Wednesday 07/28/99

"The role of Love has been misunderstood for a long time. Love is not something we should do to be good or to make a world a better place out of some abstract moral responsibility, or because we should give up our hedonism. Finding enough energy to maintain that state of Love certainly helps the world, but it most directly helps us. It is the most hedonistic thing we can do."

Celestine Prophecy

Wednesday 07/14/99

"Poor miserable sod," thought Rob McKeena to himself, realizing that here was somebody with a better right to feel hard done by than himself, "must be chilled to the bone. Stupid to be out hitching on a filthy night like this. All you get is cold, wet, and lorries driving through puddles at you."

He shook his head grimly, heaved another sigh, gave the wheel a turn and hit a large sheet of water square on.

"See what I mean?" he thought to himself as he ploughed swiftly through it. "You get some right bastards on the road."

Splattered in his rear mirror a couple of seconds later was the reflection of the hitch-hiker, drenched by the roadside.

For a moment he felt good about this. A moment or two later he felt bad about feeling good about it. Then he felt good about feeling bad about feeling good about it and, satisfied, drove on into the night.

A Renault drove by, and its driver made frantic and complex signals to the trudging figure to indicate that he would have been delighted to give the figure a lift, only he couldn't this time because he wasn't going in the direction that the figure wanted to go, whatever direction that might be, and he was sure the figure would understand. He concluded the signalling with a cheery thumbs-up sign, as if to say that he hoped the figure felt really fine about being cold and almost terminally wet, and he would catch him the next time around.
A Maxi passed on the other side of the road and flashed its lights at the slowly plodding figure, though whether this was meant to convey a "Hello" or a "Sorry we're going the other way" or a "Hey look, there's someone in the rain, what a jerk" was entirely unclear.
His voice was a low soft purr, like the low soft purr made by the opening of an ICBM silo.
The cheery quality of Ford's voice was beginning to grate on the barman's ears. It sounded like someone relentlessly playing the kazoo during one of the more sombre passages of a War Requiem.
"I have a very special service for rich people..." said the girl.

"Oh yes?" said Ford, intrigued but careful. "And what's that?"

"I tell them it's OK to be rich."

"... as if the law of gravity was no more than a local regulation, and breaking it no more than a parking offence."

Douglas Adams - So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

Tuesday 07/13/99

"Most people look at life through binoculars. They look at their problems through the magnifying end. Then they turn the binoculars around and look at their blessings. Try it the other way and you will be happier"

Wednesday 06/23/99

Austin Powers: "What is the Russian guy doing here ?"
Boss: "A lot has changed since you were frozen. The Cold War is over."
AP: "So, the capitalist pigs finally had to pay for their crimes!"
B: "Ahem... no. Actually, we've won."
AP: "Alright! Yay, capitalism!"

Wednesday 06/09/99

Who is to blame for the riots? The rioters are to blame.
Who is to blame for the killings? The killers are to blame."

Dan Quale

Friday 04/09/99

Invitation to Belgrade

News about Yugoslavia

Thursday 03/25/99

The REXX language has just celebrated it's 20th birhtday!

Monday 03/22/99

*Dobie and Maynard are riding a tandem bicycle*
Dobie: Watch out for the fountain!
Maynard: Like, what fountain ?
Girl: Oh, my, God, are you hurt ?
Dobie: No, I'm fine.
Maynard: I'm hurt.
Girl: You must have been going 30 miles per hour!
Dobie: 40, to be exact.
Girl: 40 ?
Dobie: More like 50. Allow me to introduce myself: Dobie Gillis, also known as Speed.
Maynard: Dobe, let's go to the doctor, I think I need operating.
Dobie: And what do you think I'm doing ?
Maynard: Operating.
TV Show "Many Loves of Dobie Gillis"

Friday 03/12/99

"How many times do I have to tell you ? I am not a messiah!"
"Only a true messiah will deny his divinity!"
"Ok, then I AM a messiah."
"He is! He is a messiah!"
"That doesn't leave me much choice, does it ?"
Monthy Python's "Life of Brian"

Monday 03/08/99

"Remember the other day, at the gas station ?"
"Yes ?"
"Remember, all the people kept coming in and you got the idea of taking their wallets ? Now, that was a good idea."
"Thank you!"

"Pulp Fiction"

Tuesday 01/05/99

"All lines are down ? Don't you have any lines open for emergencies or celebrities ? I'm both! I am a celebrity and an emergency! Well, what about the satellite ? Does it snow in space ?"

Groundhog Day

Monday 12/28/98

Alphaville, Bad Boys Blue, Baltimora, Blue System, Boney M, Bronski Beat, C.C. Catch, Dead or Alive, Depeche Mode, Desireless, Digital Emotion, Fancy, The Flirts, Fun Fun, Laid Back, Modern Talking, Pet Shop Boys, RadioRama, Sabrina, Samantha Fox, Sandra, Savage, Scotch, Secret Service, Silent Circle, Slade, Sparks, Ultravox, Video Kids, Yazoo

2 Unlimited, AB Logic, Ace of Base, Aqua, Captain Jack, Dr. Alban, Erasure, L.A. Style, Le Click, La Bouche, New Order, Real Mccoy, Sash, Scatman John, She Moves, Technotronic

Saturday 11/28/98

1: "Let me ask you, guys, a question".
2: "Shoot".
1: "What if there was no tomorrow ?"
2: "No tomorrow ? That would mean no consequences, no hangovers, we could do whatever we wanted!"
1: "That's right... we could do whatever we want..."
*makes sharp turn and hits the mailbox"
2: "Hey, if we wanted to hit mailboxes, we could have let Ralph drive!"

Groundhog Day

Tuesday 11/17/98

"I am sorry. I am not laughing AT you, I am laughing WITH you."
"But I am not laughing!"

"Happiness" (the movie)

Tuesday 11/10/98

"Nothing, but the blasters and her lightsaber... and Luke. Luke, who stood with his back to hers, fending off the other tireless, indestructible sentinel droid. Back to back, fighting for their lives, for each others lives. Never had Mara experienced such intimacy".

STAR WARS - The Vision of the Future

Wednesday 09/16/98

"Things go as I predict them, not because of any wisdom I might
possess, but because of if a tiresome lack of wisdom on other
creatures' parts."

STAR WARS - The Mandalorian Armor

Wednesday 07/01/98

'Now,' said Benjy, 'to business.'
Ford and Zaphod clinked their glasses together.
'To business!' they said.
'I beg your pardon?' said Benjy.
Ford looked round.
'Sorry, I thought you were proposing a toast,' he said.

Saturday 06/13/98

"You're gonna beat me ? At golf ? Oh, you're on! You're in big trouble, though - I eat pieces of s**t like you for breakfast!"
"You eat pieces of s**t for breakfast ?!"

"Happy Gilmore"

Tuesday 06/02/98

"I can't stand the idea of anybody not liking me".
"What about relatives of all the people you've killed ? I don't think they are of very high opinion about you".

The Big Hit

Friday 05/08/98

"I told you, the snails are single sex - they don't need another organism to reproduce!"
"Right! And I would have remembered it if I actually listened when you were talking to me".

"You are so full of it!"
"Yes I am! And so are you".

Dawson's Creek

Friday 05/01/98

From a README file:

Windows is a weird environment.
Sometimes some things don't work.

Friday 04/10/98

"I feel the world is a better place because some people follow their dream and create a nightmare."

Monday 04/06/98

"... and we ("she"; I was really only responsible for the first 2 minutes of the process) had a perfect son "
"Before you visit them, know three things: that they've no artistic merit by any standard, that they in no way reflect any of my personal beliefs, and that it's sad that we live in an era where disclaimers like this are a necessity. "


Friday 03/27/98

- I am member of the Beat Generation! - Maynard, you don't even know what 'beat' means. - Sure I do! It's... well... at least, I know what 'generation' means! - What ? - Um... can I start with the 'beat' again ?
- I am an angry young man! - What are you so angry about ? - I don't know... that's why I am such an angry young man!

"Dobie Gillis"

Tuesday 02/17/98

"If you love him... if you really, really love him... then just keep on loving him. And don't let him know that you know what you know... you know ?"


Friday 01/02/98

Christmas Girl from CodeHammer

Tuesday 12/09/97

- Heya, chicks!
- Hello. But we are not chickens, we are geese!
- No... I thought you were swans!


Wednesday 12/03/97

"Well hell, I was just wearing a T-shirt and blue jeans and I sort of felt out of place. So I hurried up and put on a jock strap, my wife's bra, roller blades, ear muffs, and a ring of bratwurst around my neck."

Tuesday 11/25/97

Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream.
Throw your teacher overboard
And listen to him scream.

Children's song

Monday 11/24/97

"What human beings can do is absolutely amazing!
What they will do is usually disappointing".

Anthony Robbins

Tuesday 11/11/97

"I think this is the beggining of a wonderful relationship".
"It's strange how anybody who comes in contact with those diamonds seems to... die"
Tiffany: "You've just killed James Bond!" Bond: "Is that who it was ?".
"She's pretty good looking... for a girl".

Diamonds are Forever

Monday 10/20/97

::: Channels :::
I hate push. I hate push. I hate push. Get out of my face.

From LockerGnome review of IE 4.0

Saturday 10/18/97

Some days lectures are hell. You're not understanding anything so you shift your brain into note-mode, sort of like neutral only your copying notes off the board. Later on, your mind boggles at what you have written, and you swear you were possessed by some evil Thermodynamics demon. This happens to everyone now and then, and is quite normal (your mind boggling, that is, not getting possessed by disgruntled Physics demons).

Psycho labs are labs where no one knows what they're doing, everyone is running around in circles, and the equipment is either too complex, broken, or too complex and broken.

The Slacker's Guide to Science One

Thursday 10/16/97

Haven't I made it abundantly clear, during the time we've known each other, that I don't know s**t ?


Monday 10/13/97

"On Friday, Cyber Promotions was reconnected by AGIS, the Net backbone provider that booted the emailer in mid-September. About two hours later, though, a construction crew in Michigan accidentally severed a fiber-optic cable, interrupting service to a number of AGIS customers, including the unpopular spammer."

Wednesday 10/08/97

For those, who are interested in psychology/metaphysics and, by a strange stroke of luck, also have AOL account; connect on Tuesday 10/07/97, at 7PM central time - Deepak Chopra will be there.

Tuesday 10/07/97

- Beavis, you are lying!
- Yeah, yeah, lying is cool!

Friday 10/03/97

From SARC Virus Info Database:


When you choose FileSaveAs from the menu a message box pops up with the message "Shall I infect this file ?". If you click "yes", your file will be infected, otherwuse the file will save as normal without being infected. This is obviously how the virus got its name.

Monday 09/15/97

"The computer finished sending out e-mail at 6 a.m. At 6:05 I got a phone call from England. By 6:45 I had about 30 phone calls from all over the world by people angered by my spam. I didn't even know what spam was. I also didn't know what 'flame' meant, but I learned quickly."

The repentant spammer

Saturday 08/30/97

"The Great Browser War, entering its third year, may be taking the combatants down the wrong path, says Jerry Michalski, editor of the newsletter Release 1.0.

Both Netscape and Microsoft have been seriously distracted by trying to turn the desktop into a TV with the channel metaphor--Microsoft's Active Desktop and Netscape's Constellation," says Michalski, "and I think the channel metaphor is pretty heinous. So I think there's a big opportunity for somebody, and I wish it were Netscape, but it could be Microsoft and it could be a third party, to step in an do all of this better."

One small firm that would like to step up to this opportunity is Norway-based Opera Software. The company has attracted a small but extremely loyal following for its Opera Web browser, a lean and speedy app for Windows and OS/2 that the company says can run on 386 machines with just 8MB of RAM." PC World

Friday 08/22/97

"I beleive our recent arguments with Veronica are some sort of manifestation of a subconscious desire to break up."


Thursday 07/31/97

First they came for the hackers.
But I never did anything illegal with my computer,
so I didn't speak up.
Then they came for the pornographers.
But I thought there was too much smut on the Internet anyway,
so I didn't speak up.
Then they came for the anonymous remailers.
But a lot of nasty stuff gets sent from,
so I didn't speak up.
Then they came for the encryption users.
But I could never figure out how to work PGP anyway,
so I didn't speak up.
Then they came for me.
And by that time there was no one left to speak up.

Monday 07/28/97

"Bill liked him because he reminded Bill of Eager Beaver who had acted the same way. But of course he had been a Chingar spy. And a robot too."

"On top of the sphere was another sphere, smaller, and still smaller one above that. What were these spheres made of ? Bill hiccuped lightly and realized that he didn't really care".

(Robert Sheckley, Harry Harrison)

Friday 07/11/97

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you NOT to be?
You are a child of God.
Your playing small does not serve the world.
There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that
other people won't feel insecure around you.
We were born to make manifest the glory of God
that is within us. It is not just in some of us,
it is in everyone. And as we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear,
our presence automatically liberates others."

Wednesday 07/09/97

Letterman the other night said something profound in regards to his work and appearance, "This is the hand that I was dealt for life, so I might as well enjoy the game and play it the best that I can."

John Snyder

CDA struck down!!!

"The interest in encouraging freedom of expression in a democratic society outweighs any theoretical but unproven benefit of censorship," wrote Justice John Paul Stevens.

Wednesday 06/25/97

"Please consult the HTML dealer nearest you for further info..."


"Anyway, one day that crazy old man shows up. Said he was a distant relative of mine. I don't see any resemblance."

Biff, Back to the Future - 2

Friday 06/13/97

I get back to work and the janitor's asleep at the terminal. I ask him if he wants to work here too, but he likes the ability to bust in on people when they're in the toilet...
Bastard Operator from Hell
Trivia question: "Chronologically, what are last words of Jules in 'Pulp Fiction' ?"

Your answer ?

Monday 06/02/97

Mulla Nasrudin went into a bank with a cheque to cash.
'Can you identify yourself?' asked the clerk.
Nasrudin took out a mirror and peered into it.
'Yes, that's me all right,' he said.

Tuesday 04/01/97

"We were a family of overachievers. By the time I was 4, I was 5. And I left home at 6. But I was back by 6:15. When I was 7, I wrote a book on the Washington Monument! But some janitor scrubbed it off."

" Pappy signed the Declaration of Independence! For that, he was punished by the museum guards."

"One night the village high priest went from hut to hut looking for virgins to sacrifice. And I went from hut to hut just ahead of him, saving young girls' lives."

"Every 30 seconds in this country a man has a heart attack. How that man survives, I'll never know."

Michael Connor

Wednesday 03/26/97

"Trade offs are a fact of life in everything we do. When a hammer falls onto my foot I don't find that satisfactory at all. The alternative would be to live without gravity."

John Snyder

Wednesday 03/05/97

"I Asked:
'Do you speak my language ?'
And he just smiled
And gave me a sandwich"

Saturday 02/01/97

Ray: Hey, did you hear that our pamphlet, "Ten Ways You May Be Ruining Your Car Without Even Knowing It," is a million seller!

Tom: That's not what I said, you knucklehead. I said I had a MILLION of them in the CELLAR!


Wednesday 12/18/96

- Who's motorcycle is it ?
- It's not a motorcycle, it's a chopper.
- Who's chopper is it ?
- Zed's.
- Who's Zed ?
- Zed is dead, baby. Zed is dead.

"Pulp Fiction"

Monday 12/16/96

"Come on, come on, you guys!", Han said, "Let's have an organized retreat here!"
"Fine," Threepio said, "You organize while I retreat".

"Courtship of Princess Leia"

Thursday 12/12/96

"The galaxy is littered with ex-Pralite monks, all on the make, because the mental control techniques the Order have evolved as a form of devotional discipline are, frankly, sensational - and extraordinary numbers of monks leave the Order just after they have finished their devotional training and just before they take their final vows to stay locked in small metal boxes for the rest of their lives."

"Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"

Tuesday 12/10/96

"It's not that we don't trust you" - said Lando, "It's just that we don't trust you".

"Shadows of the Empire"