High Speed Internet Access - ADSL, cable modems, etc


ADSL promises (and delivers) two-way, very fast connections over the regular phone lines. The service is available in Saint Louis via SW Bell.
Pricing: $49 a month for 384K, $119 for 1.5M.

My review of SW BELL ADSL | Availability of ADSL around the country

Cable Modem

It's here! I joined the Charter Pipeline beta test program and today (06/05/98), they installed cable modem for me. I only played with it for few minutes, but I can already say, that IT WORKS! I was swept off my feet when 1.3M file downloaded in 11 seconds!

My review of Charter Pipeline | 3COM Cable modem information | Charter Communications site


Local ISP "Phoenix Data Systems" does this. All accounts are dedicated, pricing starts at $119 for residential (single-user, supposedly doesn't work with proxy) and $200 for commercial (multi-user). Here's more info and prices.

56k modems

Yesterday's hot news. The V.90 modem standard is now available. Word of caution, though - my modem is former X2 - it works with V.90 ISP, who upgraded from X2, but doesn't work with V.90 - former K56FLEX!


DirecPC offers fast access thru their dish. It's pretty fast, but the minuses are that it's one-way, you have to pay for dish and installation and their pricing plans are steep - not the $20 unlimited that we have grown to love.

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