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X2 Internet Providers in Saint Louis
Name Phone X2 access number Pricing Notes

America Online

800-827-6364 802-9799 $19.95 Friday 02/06/98 - just found out that AOL now has X2 access numbers in St. Louis. Called them and couldn't get connection better than 31200. Also, the connection tone doesn't sound like the one X2 modems make.

Web America Networks 800-933-9322   $9.95 for 30 hours They lowered price (was $5.95 for 3 hours) and gave their pricing scheme a new name: "Metro plan". Still doesn't sound like a good deal, though, not when I stay online 9 hours daily.

BizNet Communications 994-7613   $25 Plenty of services provided: shell access, your own CGI scripts, CIFS support (which I couldn't get to work). Speed and accessability weren't that good, though (May 97 - July 97). Also I couldn't find stuff like DNS setup on their homepage.

IBM Global Services 800-459-1573 551-1501 $19.95 Review

Valuenet 731-1879 522-2941 $15 per month OR $140 per year. Very good price and speed is OK too.
Recently I noticed curious thing - I was disconnected once every 150 minutes. I called tec support and he confessed that they do this to 'refresh modems'. But once discovered, they changed interval to 5 hours 30 minutes, which is almost ok :)

Primary Net 995-5755   $19.95 They have some strange stuff in their cfg, because PING never reaches them. In fact, I thought they were down for good, until I accessed their website - which worked just fine.

TDPNet 940-8458   $19 monthly or $180 yearly Service includes news server

Smart Internet Service 940-8458   One time $100 fee thru NetRacer service Is anyone using NetRacer ? Is it really true ?

Please, let me know if you find inaccurate info in this table or if you know of X2 providers not listed here.

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