Microsoft Word tips
  • Dealing with "table of contents/bookmarks". Once one item is inside the document, you can copy it and
    Word will add numbering automatically .

  • When you selected from bulleted list and then prine selection -
    bullets don't show up as selected on the screen, but they look right
    on the printout.

  • Word has a handy file comparison function - goto Tools/Track Changes/Compare Documents.

  • To view the code that's otherwise hidden (for example, when
    documented is infected), goto Tools/Macro/Visual Basic Editor
    and select View/Code. It's even safer if you select "disable macros"
    when loading the document - Word will still let you see the code,
    but will not execute it.

  • When mouse cursor is on the left margin, it turns into reverse
    arrow and then you can single click to select line, double click to
    hilite block and triple click to select entire document!

  • When Word97 starts complaining that it was 'unable to open
    data source', try option 'txt file via ODBC'.

  • Add this section to WIN.INI to add support for new clipart formats
    in Word 6:
    [MS Graphic Import Filters]

  • Problem:
    If the "Hide MS-DOS file extensions for file types that are registered"
    option is selected in Windows Explorer, the WordBasic Kill statement
    ignores the file extension and deletes all files in the specified folder.
    For example, the following statement deletes not only the .txt files, but
    also all files in the specified folder (including those with extensions of
    .doc, .exe, .dot, and so on):
    Kill \\*.txt

    In Windows Explorer, choose Options form the View menu and clear the "Hide
    MS-DOS file extensions for file types that are registered" option.

  • ^B - bold, ^I - italic.
  • Multiple level Undo is supported.
  • Macros can use regular Basic commands like INPUT/PRINT -
    their data is displayed in status line on the bottom of window.