Volkov Commander tips
  1. Yuri: "Volkov can split large files and put them on several floppies: when you get 'not enough room' message, change the disk and press 'Continue'. Number then floppies. When copying back, start with first one, copy, insert second and at 'overwrite' prompt, choose 'Append'. There you are!"

  2. Volkov hang scenario: left panel contains C:\TEMP. I change left drive to D:, then delete directory C:\TEMP in DOS. Then, changing drive back to C: consistently hangs Volkov.

  3. Alt-F7 search may fail if you forget to clear 'containing' field.

  4. If you interrupt directory scan at Tree screen, it will start again next time you press Alt-F10.

  5. Directory lists a la Midnight Commander can be implemented under Volkov using User Menu - just put CD command in there.