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Review of Software Utilities

  • Compare It! - superior File Comparison utility. It displays files side by side, hiliting the lines deleted/added/changed and allows to copy changes into clipboard. Some other utilities I've seen get confused when several lines are different - and end up reporting the rest of the file as modified. This program really excel at keeping track of modifications - since I started using it, I didn't get a single false alarm!

  • FAR - File Manager from heaven. Looks surprisingly like Norton Commander, but is much more powerful. One of it's best features is ability to display FTP sites and compressed files as directories.

  • FlexTouch - little util that allows to control minimized Winamp. This is much more useful than it sounds - it allows me to pause song, skip to next track or change volume without shuffling thru the windows and losing my train of thought. Give it a try!

  • LviewPro - fast and powerful image viewer. After version 2.x it became a full-fledged graphics editor - which was a bit of overkill for me, so I stayed with good old release 1.D2.

  • Pink Mouse Image Organizer - excellent tool for making picture galleries. This program creates thumbnails from pics in specified directory and then generates HTML page. Recommended!

  • SpaceWatch - indispensable tool for cleaning up the hard drive. It shows you which directories take up the most space, so you can look at them first instead of spending long time deleting small ones.

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