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Star Wars fiction by Brendon Wahberg

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Timothy Zahn - the creator of New Star Wars Universe

Heir to the Empire - this book started it all.

Frankly, I was not a Star Wars fan until I've read it. I watched movies now and
then, but nothing more than that. I've heard rumors that there is
a sequel, something about Jedi twins, but dismissed it as gossip.
Then, one day I saw it in the bookstore - so, it wasn't a rumor
after all. I bought it, went home and for a few days the world
around me dimmed. I was in SW Universe, the one I've never see

Timothy Zahn performed an incredible deed. He managed to create
even more bright characters and worthy opponents than original
movies did. One fan gave them short descriptions:
"Thrawn - he is totaly cool
Pellaeon - pride of the Military,
C'baoth - he kicks f**ing a**!
Talon Kardde - he's a man's man,
Mara - my love in another life,
Noghri - I like 'em".

There is one thing that is left ambiguous in the book - have
C'baoth killed the Guardian, or is HE the one ? The sourcebook
blantly says that he is Guardian, he simply forgot it because of
clone madness. However, nothing in the book confirms that theory
directly. I have found an indirect clue, though: when C'baoth
first meets Thrawn, he says "I'll take you to the Guardian. When
I began my rule, the people of Wayland have built this palace for
him". It is unlikely that C'baoth could rule the planet with
Guardian still alive, so this suggests that C'baoth and Guardian
are one person.

Another interesting lead in the trilogy is the role the real
Jorus C'baoth played in the Palpatine's Jedi training. I admit, I
was as frustrated by the book not telling me the details, as
Luke was when he got "Information unavailable" from Coruscant
computer. There is room for speculation and possible even for
fan-written novel on that subject.
Suppose, Jorus did train Palpatine... was he meant to be a Jedi ?
What exactly does "Jedi consultant" do ?
How did Emperor itself turn to the Dark Side ?
How did Jorus react to that ?
One fan I talked with suggested that Jorus sensed
palpatine turning and was getting uneasy and then Palp organized
the Outbound Project to get rid of Jorus and other Jedi Masters.
He also managed to clone Jorus... how ?
Was it voluntary ? Or did they confront each other and Palpatine
had Jorus's hand or something ?

Also, I am curious as to what happened to Outbound Project
itself. Thrawn mentions that he was in command of task force
that destroyed Jedi Master's ship. Moreover, he says that Emperor
was the one who assigned him to the project. It implies both
that Thrawn knew how to deal with Jedi before he
discovered ysalamiri, as well as that Palpatine was building his
own army while he still was a senator in the Old Republic.

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