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  • RealAudio files can have extension .RA (these contain actual sound) and .RAM - these are sort of 'shortcut' files. Inside .RAM you can have one or several links to .RA - once loaded, RA player will play them in a row and you can press PgDn to go to the next track (PgUp to return to previous one).
  • Getting .RAM files to work on WebTV - just change the prefix from 'http://' to 'pnm://' !
  • Some sites load RA files thru a script, so you don't get a chance to see what the actual URL is. The solution is this - play one song, memorize it's name, then open REGEDIT and search for the name in "data and values". You will find it under a key called CLIPS1 (for RA 5.0) - inside there's a valid .RA URL!