My REXX programs

KEDIT macros

CASEFIX Program to fix text typed with Caps Lock (like "oH, MAN, i LEFT IT ON!").
Cyrillic characters are supported -in DOS 866 encoding.
POWER Tony Robbins' Power Questions - runs once a day
NOCTRL Eliminate control characters to make file printable
DES Make 4DOS file description from
file's initial comment line
DA Util to display data entry panel.
Here's a small sample panel.
CBOX Function: Dialog with user-defined buttons
LIST Function: Selection List
MERZAJAC Procedure: Multi-line footer message
TOCOM Comment/uncomment program line
(REXX, C, JavaScript, Pascal, Basic, etc)
MAP & SHELL (Click to see descriptions)

Object REXX Stuff
(Here's the interpreter)

FPROT Program keeps your F-PROT installation up to date - sign.def and macro.def are downloaded from if newer versions are available. Best when used in conjunction with scheduler.
FTPCOPY Command line util to upload file to specified FTP site.
COPYU Synchronize local directory with a specified remote dir on FTP site!
(Uses RXFTP: Win95 version / OS/2 version)
LOWER Lowercase function
SLEEP CPU-friendly SLEEP for Win95 - for use in batch files

Winrexx Utilities

WORD Checks whether Word97 virus protection is disabled (several macro viruses turn it off after the infection).
REGI Shows what programs run on Win95 boot -
looks in Startup, WIN.INI and even Registry!

(Get BREXX interpreter to run them)

HOTKEYS Shows which hotkeys are used by Win95 shortcuts
(uses 4DOS)
IP Prints current IP address
RING Improved front end to PING.EXE
IKONY Generate HTML table with icons (I*.GIF)

Time functions

MILITARY AM/PM => Military time
AMPM Military => AM/PM
T2S Military => Seconds

Date functions

DATE2BASE Number of days passed between
01/01/80 and specified date

BASE2DATE Convert base date into MM/DD/YY format

JULIAN Returns date's number in a year

GREG The opposite to Julian: X,YY => MM/DD/YY

YDAYS How many days are in a given year

DAYS Returns number of days in specified month

Y2000 Convert year to 4 digit format

Mike Cowlishaw - The Father of REXX
REXX Interpreters
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