OPERA tips
  • When bookmark points to Javascript: it may not work if current page
    has no tlaoded completely.

  • 1 - switch to first window, 2 - to second..

  • Hotkeys for changing font size:
    9 - decrease font size
    0 - increase --//--

  • By far the most annoying thing in this browser is the "Exit Opera ?"
    dialog when you try to close it. It can be eliminated by adding line
    SHOW EXIT DIALOG=0 in [USER PREFS] section of Opera.ini file.

  • You can change Opera's default backround color
    by going to Preferences/Document appearance/Background

  • When using Opera with Dipstick, you cannot drag URL from browser
    window. Instead, copy URL and do right click/paste Url in Dipstick.

  • Version 3.50 is out and it supports
    custom toolbar buttons.

  • When Opera forgets to prompt for 'save as' name, it may save
    file in defautl download dir, with correct extension and random fname.

  • Sometimes Opera goes crazy and starts displaying help
    screens no matter what key you press. To get it back to normal,
    press F1.

  • MIDI file stops playing when you go to another page. Workaround:
    use "Get Link Document New Window" whe opening MIDI!

  • Opera' JavaScript has its own little quirks.
    For example, following snippet works find in Navigator,
    but not in Opera:
    if (!show) return

    Solution is to terminate 1st line with semicolon:
    if (!show) return;

  • Major bug in Opera 3.2/3.21 - if you have Winsock 2.2, it
    will often get stuck at 'connecting to name server' message.
    Workaround - switch to 'Synchronous DNS' setting.

  • You can type short version of URL in 'direct URL' box - for example
    'ibm' will resolve to http://www.ibm.com!

  • Manual importing of IE bookmarks: Ctrl-F2 to display hotlist,
    rclick on Hotlist, pick File/Insert Internet Explorer Favorites.

  • Endless name/address/phone forms are one the annoying things
    on the Web. Fortunately, new version of Opera has a way to deal
    with them - goto Preferences/Generic/Personal information and fill the
    fields. Next time a form attacks you, strike back with right
    click/insert address!

  • Opera 3.0 beta 9 - press Ctrl-F2 to hide the "bookmarks"

  • Use "file/close" to get rid of unwanted email window.

  • Ctrl-F11 toggles menu off and back on (another tip by Leo)

  • Z key can be used to interrupt transmission!

  • Quirks - Opera doesn't let you use <h2> tag inside <pre>,
    as well as <p> inside <b>.

  • Workaround on version 3.0 scroll bug (when Opera doesn't let you scroll
    to the bottom of the screen) - scroll to the top and then down

  • Deleting bookmark - goto hotlist, Edit/Cut (discovered
    by Leo Alekseev).