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Pic was sent by Yegor Chemisov

Pic was sent by Michael Smirnoff

Pic came from Arsen

Pic arrived from Michael Kaufman

(Picture found by Andrei Leus)

These 2 pics were submitted by Andrei Leus

Nostalgic over 'good old days' ? Let this ad from 1995 remind you
how much things have improved since then.

Вырезка из рекламной брошюры. По замыслу художника здесь изображен человек, гребущий золото лопатами. А по-моему ето больше похоже на "Быт Ассенизатора".
Clipped this from an advertising brochure I got in a mail. Supposedly this is picture of a man digging for gold. But to me it looks more like "Joys of Latrine Cleaning"

(The FarSide)

(Submitted by Egor Chemisov)

Resistance is futile

You will be assimilated

(Submitted by Egor Chemisov)

Art. Lebedev