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One Monday afternoon, I get a page from a client. I call them back and am told that the printer doesn't work. "It's broken." I am working at another site, but decide I'd better respond as quickly as possible. I get in my truck and make the 45 minute drive, only stopping to pick up a spare printer just in case. Once there, I sense the panic in the office. They haven't been able to print all day (and they didn't call until about 3 in the afternoon). They're freaked and need to print. After a cursory examination of the printer, I figure out the big problem: it isn't plugged in. I plug it in, and am a hero.

On my way out, I pass the open door to the server room. I peek inside. There is a new, fully functional, and CONNECTED printer. It turns out my boss had installed it for them weeks ago and they forgot it was there.

Submitted by APilgrim