Midnight Commander tips

Midnight Commander - NC clone for Unix shell (!!!!!!!)
http://www.gnome.org/mc/ 1) Esc-1 = F1 ... Esc-0 = F10
2) ^x-c - CHMOD (like Drabek's PROTECT).
3) Display Mode - contains submenu where you cal select full/brief, etc.
Under tree view there are subcommands:
f2 - rescan
f4 - static/dynamic - ?
4) TAB works, so does copy and delete.
5) Hotkey work in menus.
6) ^F - PgDn.
7) Filters work - ura!
8) 'Info about files' in right/display - same as Info in VC.
9) Options/menu file edit - 1st time you do this it creates
local menu for you!
I already defined a menu item! Woiks!
10) Dir tree - use right and left to move up and down level.
11) Find File - works.
12) Options/config/verbose - should turn off dialog for
copying file, but doesn't work.
13) ^U works (swaps panels).
14) Command history works.
15) What about speedsearch ?
16) Meta key is ESC, for example Esc-* inverts selection.
17) Installed on CRL - yay!
Reading FAQ...
18) In viewer: Space- PgDn, ^B - PgUp.
19) Found Netterm font that supports graf chars -
MS Linedraw!!! And garbage on the screen disappeared.
20) After pressing F9 you can access menu thru shortcut.
21) How to PgDn in fileman ? ^V and ESC V to go back, like EMACS.
22) How to ins filename in cmdline ? ESC-ENTER!
23) Cmdline history window - F9 c h. Only stores cmds that
are entered with panels on.
24) White '*' works to invert selection. And '+' works too.
25) Esc-Tab - filename completion. Press again to show
window of choices if prefix is ambiguous.
26) Gooky errmsg: 'shell is already running a command'.
Then segmentation fault comes if you ^O.
Sounds like bug.
27) Find out what 'network link' is for. It is for comp
that runs mcserv.
28) Checking TAR support - supposedly you can read it like dir (yay!) - works!
29) Closing FTP link - '..' in root dir. Same with TAR file.
O, ftp supports urls!
Can also do cd ftp://xyz - works!
This is very fast way to browse archives, because don't need to
dl thru modem. So is Lynx, though.
30) F9 C E - edit extension file.
31) I mapped by Inlink account - left panel CRL and right Inlink.
Also, saved inlink as dir in hotlist.
Cannot rexec commands.
32) ESC-ESC is documented key - single ESC is used as Meta.
F10 also works as Cancel in dialogs.
33) View for man page does not work - 'terminal Tascii unknown'.
34) F9 O S - save setup.
F9 L F - left filter.
F9 C C - compare directories.
35) See if there is online MC manual. There is, on their homepage!
36) mc -c - color mode.
-v - load internal viewer (Use LIST alias).
37) Can pass 2 dir names to MC - for IPL.
38) If you have no permission to enter dir, MC quietly ignores your
39) ^X P - pastes selected panel name into cmdline.
^X ^P - same for unselected panel.
^X T - paste names of selected files to cmdline - o, something
other commanders can't do!
^X ^T - for unsel panel.
ESC P, ESC N - goto to prev/next command in history.

ESC F, ESC B - move word forward/backward in cmdline (and this is
key for TCSH too, I bet... It is!).
^D - DELCHAR (TCSH too).
ESC BS - delword backward
40) ^T - tag file.
41) There is hint mode in MC - shows hints over cmdline.
42) You can map FTP drives to both panels and copy files directly.