I got a free-pc.

The one from ideal lab. Free computer, Free isp, all for a little
advertisment. Ads are in my face all over the net anyway. You get used to
I have been on the net for a long time - since the days of gopher, and for
me I saw this as a new trend that will fly or die. Till I sat my 62
year old mother down at the free-pc.... mind you, she has sat at my other
computer and was encouraged to explore, but always ended up
playing solitaire. The free-pc desktop stirred up her curiousity, she was
shopping, getting news, comparing grocery prices, voting for ball players

If ideal lab wires up a senior community next - they will find the real cash
cow... the people with the time and the money and the desire to
shop in their jammies.

One other note. www.free-pc.com only asks that I use the computer 10 hours a
month - thats total 10 hours - I dont even have to be online...
just as long as I allow them to "tickle" the info off my computer so they
can get market research, once in a while. They gave me 10 email addies,
and its a great connection - I never get kicked off.

I am happy with the system. My other system is a home built from the intel
motherboard on up to the 450 mmx. I spent 2k building my system last
year, and endless ISP dollars.... people say "why did you get a free one?"
- Its not a charity thing going on, its in beta, I spend lots of money over
the net every year - I intend on spending more this year.. I would like to
see this work. Everyone in America hooked up - Everyone around the world.

Suzy Suzy's free (almost) PCs