Here is my very 1st lucid dream - I go thru some bureacrautic building, throw documents on the floor and lock the doors here and there. Somebody is chasing me. I leave the building and find myself in the yard. I look at the wall and think "Can I climb it ?". Then another thought comes across - "Why climb, maybe I should just fly up". As soon as I thought that, I realized that I am dreaming and law of gravity is not a law for me. I flew straight up into the blueness of the sky, saw the dry red roofs under me... and then alarm clock woke me up.

Another case. I am walking down Strelnieku street (the street in Riga, where I lived first 20 years of my life). Everything looks normal, like in waking life. I don't see anything out of ordinary. I goto into the yard - still everything is in order. I go thru the yard, back to the street and to the yard again. Boom! - landcape has changed. Instead houses there are mountains, between them is a small river, I see the bridge in the distance. "I am sleeping" - my keen insight suggested :) The flight over the water followed, though I couldn't go under water - it was only ankle deep.

I've read somewhere that in lucid dream we are in the entire alternative world, which can be explored. This is what I did in one of my dreams. I was flying over that world, under me was the railroad, on the sides - buildings, factories and the forest. One house caught my attention - I approached it and entered thru the window. There were two persons in the room. I decided to brag about my special skills and I told them that I can go thru the walls. They didn't believe me. So, I tried to demonstrate... and failed! I read this episode like this: part of me that is always doubting took the form of other people in the dream and blocked me.

And finally, the latest (so far) and the coolest lucid. It was this morning, 25 March 1996. I was snoozing in the morning, trying to goback to sleep. I attempted to fantasize a scene and submerge into it - no luck. Then I imagined that I am in my own room, I am opening the door... and suddenly I found myself in My Lucid Home! To the smallest details it looked like my old apartment in Riga. I've read, that in the dreams clocks and writings behave differently than in real life - finally I had the chance to test that. There was a clock on the wall - I looked at it - everything seemed normal (moreover, I later realized that they showed the exact time of when I feel asleep). Then I looked closer and a second later realized that clock is acting up. The hour hand was standing still, while minute hand appeared randomly in the different places of the clock face.

I then approached the table - there were newspapers and books on it. Again, it all looked normal at the first sight, but I looked more carefully and I noticed that words keep changing (just like in Strugatskie's "Monday begins on Saturday").

In the desk drawer there was a calculator - I turned it on and entered 2x2= - the result turned out to be 7.

I went to the kitchen - there were my grandma, aunt and my friend Yury. I told him: "This is lucid dream, you know". He looked at me, as if saying "Yes, and I am yellow submarine". I decided not to argue the point and went further.

Interesting detail - in lucid house all doors and walls looked normal and felt hard when I touched them. Still, I could go thru them, because I believed that I am not bound by the physical laws - again, as Strugatskie said "See the goal, believe in yourself and pay no attention to obstacles".

April 1st. I guess I am supposed to lie today, but I'll tell things as they were. My grandma and my aunt are visiting us, besides my brother came back home after living separately for a while. As a result, we shuffled the room assignments and me and Yury wound up in the basement. At 5 in the morning alarm clock started making drunk noises. For some time I heroically waited till it stops, but then awoke enough to realize that clock is electrical, so it will ring forever. I took out my scorcher, fired at Yury and he turned off the nasty mechanism. Right after that I fell asleep.

I am standing in the middle of the field, there is clear cyan sky over me. At the same time I still remember that a minute ago I laid on the mattress. I look at my watch - bingo, arrows are going marry-go-round, so I am sleeping! I began to fly. I experience feeling of happiness, uncomparable with anything else. Feels a bit like riding giant swings in amusement park, when I was kid, but a lot stronger.

(2 days later see you). I am either in university, or in hotel in company of programmers of both genders. One of them suggests to show a new BBS. We go to the other room - huge warehouse, few computers, but mostly shelves with new "Star Wars" books. The sysop connects to the BBS, I look at the display. He explains that BBS is located in Moscow, but international call is cheap because it's night time. On the screen, instead of expected logo, I see 3D virtual reality world, at the same time I hear way cool music in stereo. I am beginning to get the feeling that everything is a bit too impressive. I went to a corner of the room to do self-test. I looked at the watch - I was right, minute hand is jumping back and forth and some numbers on the clock face keep changing. At this point I took iniative into my own hands and led one of the girls into another room.

Almost instantly a sysop entered thru the balcony. Thinking, for a good reason, that in the lucid dream I am the master, I sent him mental command to go to the galaxy far, far away. Instead, he said: - I am not from your dream.
- Where are you from then ?
- I am in the real world. You are in lucid dream, most things around you are
real, but there are some that you imagined. I can't see those.

At this point he got tired of explaining and left, telling as he went, that I can read about it in the newsgroups and mentioning devil. By that point my head was spinning so much, that I thought "Oh yes, os2.devil.advocacy!".

I also wanted to ask him, what happens if I imagine a bridge going out of the window and I walk on that bridge - would be be able to follow me ? But he was already gone. I'll ask him if we bump into each other in the future. Or in the past.

Anyway, I see 2 variants: either he was right and there is a shared Lucid Reality, which you can enter thru some other entrance (which sounds pretty exciting); or he was a creature of my personal shadow side which wanted to spoil my fun.

Friday 05/17/96

I am sitting at work. My boss is standing behind me, looking at my display. Suddenly the screen goes black. At the same the light in the room disappears. Unclear, what happened. Time crawls, I am beginning to feel alarmed. The only source of light in the room - little bulb on the power backup.

Then a thought flashes by: "What if this is a dream ?". I move my hand towards the tiny source of light. First thing I see - the clock face is upside down. Then I notice that digits change and spin. "Lucid dream!" - I rejoiced and immediately woke up in my bed. I thought - "No big deal, I'll goback to sleep". I laid there, for a while, turning from one side to another - nothing. "Dammit, how long will this take ?" - I thought and looked at my watch. Wow! The arrow keep dancing - this was false awakening! I got up and went exploring.

I entered by brother's room. It looks so regular that I am beginning to doubt again - "Maybe this is reality after all ? I'll do something crazy now and will have to answer later". So, I decided to check again. Sport posters are hanging on the wall - I looked at one. Word on the poster: "Soccer". Suddenly it changed into "Socker"-"Solo"-"Seal"-"Meal". I am dreaming!

Planning to go out, try to go thru the door - cannot. I managed to go thru the window glass. I wonder if this is because you can see the goal thru the glass. If you think about it, in my dream I create entire reality, so in order to get thru, I have to create the world on the other side. In the case of glass, I have already created it - all I need is change my perspective. It is different with the door - I DO NOT know, what's out there. Interesting, would it help if I look in the keyhole before trying to go thru the door :)

I am on the street, enter neighbor's house. There is a boring looking character sitting there. For some reason I got the urge to read a lecture, so I began explaining to him "I am in a lucid dream and stuff". He says: "Prove it, McFly!". I proved it, though not easily (probably doubts got in my way again) - laid on the floor and then slowly levitated. Then his entire family shows up, so I started to explain to them, what the deal is, but soon quit - there were more fun things to do.

BTW, I have a new thought, why clocks behave like they do in a dream. Old version said that imagination cannot create objects that stay constant or change according to a strict rule. New idea - maybe because there is no time at all in the dreams, so clock cannot possibly work. Or yet another possibility - there is time, but it is different and that crazy clock face shows time, as it really is.

I flew into the city. Soon I encountered a fantastic stream of water that ran from the hill down the street, like a waterfall. I thought, it wouldn't be bad to ride the water, so I flew upstream. I never rode a waterfall before - this is amazing. Kinda like a rollercoaster, but the one I made for myself.

Thursday 05/25/95

I woke up in the morning and attempted to go lucid using my imagination. Since I didn't wake up all the way, images were real vivid - I imagined that I climb a high tree, swing on the branch, hanging first by my hands, then knees and finally only toes. This feeling is one of a kind - to realize that I can do something that would end up totally sad if attempted in real life.

I enjoyed this for a while and then woke up. My friend Yury was snoring in the other end of the room, my CD player was playing, looks like am I not sleeping. Still, it won't hurt to check - I look at my watch - whoa - there is more digits than there should be and they are out of order. I decide to leave the room and then I get the idea that muzak is playing too loud, can wakeup my parents. I turn the volume down - nothing happens. I press Pause - no avail. Unplug player from the outlet - it keeps playing. Then I quit trying and left it as it was. At this time Yury woke up and also began trying to turn CD off. I let him continue on this important task and left the room. Then I recalled about an old idea - to turn TV set in my dream and see, what is on.

Sometime at this point I realized that I am not in my American flat, but in old Soviet one. I went to the living room, but color TV wasn't there. Tnen I went to my grandparents room - it looked the old way, except on the bed there was a board game called "Spirits, ghosts and UFOs". I turned TV on and to my disappointment noticed that screen is empty. I went thru all 12 channels - only one of them had picture. It showed something like a women's chorus, where main singer was dressed only from the waist up. I admired the sight from a while and turned TV off.

Then my Mom showed up and said that she just came back from the store and car with products is waiting downstairs. Me, being a good boy, started unloading. Bags were hellishly heavy, I tried to use telekinesis, but nofreakingthing worked. Finally, I finished this exercise and went for a walk. A thought flashed - why am I walking in my dream. Tried to fly - didn't work. I reached the intersection, there was a stream of cars in front of me and I didn't want to wait. Then I jumped on the hood of the car and finally suceeded in taking off and flying. After that image began getting dimmer and I woke up for real.

BTW, I have to add that lucid dreams almost always have some adult content. I don't tell about it here, kinda like when adult book is rereleased for kids with everything indecent taken out.

Monday 06/24/96

I was dead asleep. In my dream I was supposed to meet either a general or a janitor and the meeting was to take place in the deserted bus. I approached the door and checked whether bag with documents is with me. Turned out, it wasn't. I thought "It would be good to be home and get it", after which I immediately found myself in my room. I grabbed the bag and ran for the door. When I was in yard, I realized that I took the wrong one. I thought "If only I took the right one...", after which bag in my hands transformed into what I needed.

Interestingly, up to this point it was still a regular dream. Only a bit later I began grasping that teleportation and magic do not happen in real life as often as I'd like, so I decided to check whether I am asleep. I looked at my watch.. isn't this from the song ? Anyway, I looked at it and everything seemed fine. Remembering the virtue of patience, I kept looking. Finally, I noticed that there are two '2's between '1' and '3'. So, I am asleep after all.

I went back to my room and started experimenting. I open one drawer after another in search for something interesting. In one of them there were toy soldiers, and I had an idea to bring them to life. At this point Yury appeared, with bottle of wine in his hand, so we started pouring wine on soldiers. First of all they turned into flowers. We kept pouring. Suddenly one of the flowers sneezed, spraying wine all over Yury's white shirt. After that miracle of miracles happened - flower turned into a prince.

The prince turned out to be a grouchy type - he kept muttering that our rooms are poor and all furniture should be thrown away. At last I got real tired of him and was even glad, when I woke up.

Friday 06/28/96

Today I employed by old method - setting alarm clock to 6AM, waking up, snoozing it and going back to sleep. So, there I was, laying on back, looking at the ceiling. Turned to one side. A bit later I see - what the hell - I am still on my back. "Ah", i thought, "probably I turned in my dream". So I decided to be alert.

First of all, I looked at my watch - all roman letters were in the right places, nothing messed up... I looked and looked and calmed down - guess I am awake. Then my friend from the choir shows up, so I had to get up and chat with him. All the way I was mad that I can't lay back down and go lucid.

When I finally woke up for real, I realized that I was fooled twice - digits on my real watch are arabic, not roman. And nobody really came to visit me that morning.

Friday 07/12/96

I am experimenting - trying to find out, what effect music has on the dream. Three nights in a row reggae music quietly played all night long - and dreams were all funny and interesting - they were pleasure to watch and to recall later.

This night I thought I'd try something new, so I put a disk of Enya for repeat play. As a result, I saw a very long and adventurous dream and totally overslept - I didn't wake up until 1PM.

Wednesday 07/17/96

I woke up. Together with me in the apartment were my friends. We decided first thing in the morning to watch VCR, I turned it on and was amazed to find out that it shows the dream I just woke up from. I called the others and rewound tape to the beginning, expecting a gala show.

At this moment videocassete turned into reel and VCR itself - into old tapecorder "Nida", but I didn't pay attention to this. Suddenly reel disappeared. First I was a bit peeved, but then realized - dissapearing acts like this usually do not happen in waking life. It was time for a check. I looked at my hand and noticed that I have 6 fingers. Thinking, that my eyes are deceived, I passed palm of other hand between two middle fingers - Oll Korrect, 6th one was extra.

"Sleeping after all" - explained I to myself and started thinking, what to do, I remembered that one guy, during Out of Body Experience, made a call on the astral phone, so I decided to try, maybe I could do the same. I dialed either 1 or 01 and some dude picked up. I asked "How to learn teleportation ? I want to transport to Daugava stadium, in the 60s, when Daugava (Riga) made it into class A". Professor on the other end of the line grouched that there is nothing to explain, teleportation is described in every book. Then he warned me that idiotic french religion is coming back (no idea, what he meant by that) and that witches will be hunted again. And that was the end of our political dialogue.

I went to the window and I almost jumped out, when I had the urge to test again - jumping out the window does not work as well when you are awake. Checked - still 6 fingers and the minute hand on the clocktower is jumping back and forth. So, I starred myself and jumped. Feeling of flight - slightly forgotten, but still the best thing I ever had. I flew down my street towards the park. On the way I picked a girlfriend for myself. In the middle of the park was restaurant and by it - water attraction - you can jump down from the height into the city channel. I ignored the forbidding signs and started up the wiggly stairs. Then the guard showed up, yelling that attraction is about to be dismounted, so I must leave premise for good. I waved my hand at him and went further up. Then he began throwing at me assorted junk. I didn't stay in debt, and threw back at him several steps (and turned out I did it more precisely than he did).

At this point I have a lapse in recall. Next thing I remember is standing on the street and planning for the next act of terror. Looked up - why not rise and check out, what is inside the cloud. So, I did as I said and soon was right next to the cloud. At close inspection, cloud turned out to be a huge house. I entered thru the window. There, in the corner of gymnastic hall was sitting a boss-like creature with glasses and two black genies by his side. As soon as he saw me, he commanded "Take him!" and genies charged toward me. I didn't lose any time, soon reached 1st cosmic speed, opened the door to the stairwell... and woke up.

Some time in August

They tore down the field behind our house and are building new houses (this is in reality). Once a suspicious noise woke me up. I went outside and notice that they have already demolished houses to the right and left and ours will be next. My parents were there with me, we are all in panick, so we ran back to the house to phone a construction company and to scandal. Then I thought: "What if..." and looked at my watch. Watch hand is dancing rumba. Yeah!

So, I exit the house and rise into the air. Flying past the lighpost, I hit it with the fist - glass is shattered and I feel nothing. Nice going! I fly towards the river and as I approach, I see policeman and militia. I understand that these are "Hunters for Homeless". I descend to the ground, pick some stick and start crossing the river walking on the stones in the water. Enforcers notice me and a chase begins. When they almost caught me, I make couple of steps to the side and stand on the water. They try to reach me, while I stand there, lost in thought, and I play a sad melody with the stick on their heads.

After that I either awoke or lost lucidity.

September 19, Thursday

I was at home. I don't remember, what made me check, maybe I just accidentally waved my hand in front of my nose. Anyway, I noticed that I again have 6 fingers. I rejoiced and went to the yard. My Mom was there. I decided to show off that I can fly, but checked my hand again just in case - the surroundings were so real. Ok, I am sleep. So, I jumped up, and levitated.

Than I met Yury and Ann and for some reason I had a notion that it was a good time for a lecture. So, I began demonstrating, how to count fingers, but they didn't seem terribly interested. I started over and asked Ann: "How many fingers are you supposed to have ?". She said: "7... I think". I screamed, pulled out hair out of my beard and quit teaching.

Interestingly, in this dream I belelived that time on the clocks was real. I go to work at 1PM. When I dreamt that it was 12:30, I became alert - time to get up soon. And when I saw that it was 3PM, I was terrified that I am totally late for work and I instantly woke up. And saw that it was only 8AM.

September 24, Tuesday

For the second time I entered lucid dream by means of imagination.I was kinda sick, so I couldn't fall asleep all the way. Anyway, I heard strange sounds. The closer I approached, the more clear it become - this was distinct sound of a couple, doing what they dont' write about in children's books. Not thinking long about it, I joined them (whoa, this is the first time I write about such thing in this journal. In truth, as I said before, hooliganism like this is present in every lucid dream, but I usually skip this part when writing).

Well, time went and police arrived. "Damn", I thought, "I am lost, especially if this is not a dream". Tried to raise into the air - it worked. "If so", I decided, "why should I run away - let them arrest me and I'll see what happens". So, they loaded me into police car and off we went. I sit there and think "Hey, they are gonna take away my car keys, how will I get home ?". I put hand in my pocket and keys made a sound. Cop looked at me and said: "Give them to me!". I took the keys out of my pocket and showed to him: "See, I got 4 keys here. I'll give you all 4, in exactly one minute". "Ko", said he. I put keys into my right fist and then imagined that same keys appear in my left, empty fist. Bam! It happened! (This was first time when in my dream I succeded in cloning/materialization). So, I gave one set of keys to the driver and left other one to myself.

Then we arrived. No to the police station, but to the "Institute of Unexplaned Phenomena". Turned out, cops saw me fly and brought me here to talk to a specialist. They lead me into the room, an old lady sits there. I look around, interested - there are shelves all around, filled with folders. I ask: "What's that stuff ?". She says: "These are thousands of reports from people who can do unexplainable things. I am sure that there are many times more, but most people are either shy or hide their abilities".

October 25, Friday

I was sleeping, but I remembered that. I was sitting on the bench in front of the house. I was amazed by how real everything seemed - the ground was hard, the table was unsmooth (hmm, what word is opposite of "smooth" ?), I felt touch of wind. Everything was just like in real life, except me - I felt lightness in my body - it seemed that only desire to stand kept me on the ground, but I could lift into the air at any moment. So I did.

I saw a train far away and flew to meet it face to face. Reached a road, long line of cars was waiting there for railroad crossing to open. I landed on the last car and began jumping towards the rails, from one hood to another. Drivers grouched, but couldn't catch me.

I don't remember exactly what happened with the train, I think I've met it and tried to play the game of hijacking. It didn't work, though, because I had no weapons.

After that I was in my room, when suddenly I heard voice of my neighbor. For some reason I thought that he's really there and I hear him thru the dream. Then he entered the room and I saw that he was tiny, in white wig (just like the kind in Disney's "Alive in Wonderland"). He climbed on the table and began a speech, which nobody listened to.

Also, in that dream, I tried talking to my subconsious, asked it some important question, but I felt so lazy to spent time thinking, that I skipped the answer and went flying again.

Later, I walk down the street and visit my friend Ada. She's not home and neither is her dad. I sit on the sofa and turn on the TV. On the screen, my favorite cartoon begins. Expecting a jolly good time, I make myself comfotable and then alarm clock starts ringing. The reality around me starts fading and soom I feel that I am laying im my bed. Damn.

November 7, Thursday

Today the myth that having enough sleep is impossible, have been dissolved. I went to bed at 8pm, woke up at 7am and didn't feel sleepy whatsoever. But could I do this every time ? Nah.

Again, I had a lucid dream. Mostly flying. Tried different methods of flight - sitting down, then attempted to fly Superman-style, but for some reason lost balance and turned upside down. FInally decided to fly the old fashioned way.

Without adventures I reached some house and entered. There was a party going on. The youngsters were of school age and very shy - guys by themselves and gals separately too. I sat next to some girl and started conversation. Noticed that she looks at me strangely and answers incoherently. I asked: "Can you hear me ?". She said: "Yes". "And do you see me ?". "I see rainbow".

Next episode of my dream - I go into shop, looking for flowers - don't remember, why I wanted them. I look - there is liquor section. There is one bottle, as tall as me. Then my attention is drawn by TV set, where the videoclip about crooks is playing. Bandits robbed a whole bunch, were almost caught, but managed to escape. After that I found myself inside the videoclip and I was myself part of the gang. In the end of the song our plane lifts off the ground and we look in a friendly way down at the policemen and wave at them.

There we are, waving, sticking tongues out, while the plane is flying. It turns out, that it is not a jet at all, but an old rusty clunker. I ask the pilot, what is it and he said that during the war, major Sandwichson-Parrot flew that plane, and that it will go to junk yard soon.

Pilot inquires, what are all these little papers we have. Instead of answering, I ask him, why doesn't he fly straight, but in circles, like a fly. He blushed and said that he always wanted to be a fly, so that he could fly the way he wanted.

Thursday 12/12/96

I awoke. Eveyrthing around me was familiar and ordinary. To the smallest details it was as it always is. And yet, something told me to check my watch. So I did and viola - the arrow moved forward and back again.

I thought - this room was so close to the one where I live, why not try to leave myself a sign ? So, I took a sheet of paper and wrote upon it in big letters: "LUCID". Then I found Polaroid camera, took a picture of myself and left it on the table.

Then I awoke and rushed towards the table - the sheet was there, but writing looked slightly different. I ran to share the news with my brother, he started persuading me that this can't be. And he almost convinced me.

And then I awoke for real. Neither sheet, nor photo was anywhere in sight.

Thursday 12/26/96

I was in a room with Ann, some unknown girl and equally unknown man. What's curious, three of us knew that we were in a lucid dream. I asked Ann: "What's the difference ?". She said: "Simple. Those who realize that they are in a dream - they are in there independently. Those who think they are not sleeping - they are fruits of your imagination".

The guy seemed reluctant to believe what was happening, so I set out to prove it. I pointed my hand at him - a wind started blowing and his t-shirt began moving like a flag. I turned my hand around - it started pulling air, like a vacuum-cleaner. Then I telekinethically raised the poor guy into the air and gently put him back into arm-chair. Finally, I raised the chair itself up to the ceiling and turned it over. Then I found out that the guy was not in the zone of levitation after all - he dropped out of a chair and fell on the floor.

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