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"I am looking for a reasonably fast SCSI CDRom reader that doesn't sound
like a lawn mower (need a couple of them in a recording studio). Tough to
find specs on ambient noise. "

"In fact I have my Plextor 12-20 set to 8x speed at most times (except when
installing programs or when I need the high speed for other reasons)."
Hey, there's an interesting idea!
Where does he set speed ?

"Plextor are good drives but I think they wanna say "When I'm grown up I
will be an aeroplane" :o)"

"try to find drives which are like the Creative Labs 36x with remote
control. I regret that this drive only exists as IDE but you don't hear
anything when it is running (very fast). Also Lite-On are very quiet but
also only IDE"
Searched for Reduction ("waves") muzon - no hit.
"I like the Plextor, and even had one, but it sounded like a turbo engine in
my PC."

"The Toshiba 32X SCSI is pretty quiet."

""I got a 36x drive for Christmas, and the thing is really noisy. In fact
my parents, who sleep a floor above the computer, complain when I use it
overnight because it keeps them awake! In games, I'm plagued by the drive
spinning down only 5 seconds after spin up, so it's constantly spinning up,
then spinning down, creating a lot of pauses in play."

"I have a samsung 32 x CD and it is pretty nippy with relativly short spin
up times and it will stay spun up for ages I recon around 32 speed is best"

"I'll second the remark about the Creative 24X being loud. It's also a
hunk of junk as far as CD-ROMS are concerned."

"I recently bought a HiVal/Kenwood 40x40 multibeam
It's almost as quiet as the NEC 8x"

"Honestly, I just got a new setup with a 32X Toshiba CD-ROM drive.
Prior to that, I had a 12X.
My preference? The 12X. The 32X takes longer to spin up. So unless
you have a constant, sustained data transfer going on (installs of software
seem to go appreciably quicker, for instance), anything that entails
frequent starts & stops seems, IMO, to favor the 12X drive."

"Get a Plextor drive. They come with a software that enables you to
"throttle them down" (even to 1x), yet they are so good you almost never
need to do that...."

"Toshiba has utility called
CoolLittleTool on their driver page. Allows user to customize
speed between 1x, 4x and full speed"

"Well, I've an Asus 36x and a Teac 24x and I must admit a GREAT preference
for the Teac. The Asus seems to spin down after less than 1 minute and
takes probably 5 seconds to spin back up and its a PAIN."

"Also, if you try to do a disc copy to a burner, the fast drives spin up,
then spin down real fast. Before they can spin up again, the burner runs
out of data and you ruin your CD blank disc."