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  • Mozilla FireFox
    My FireFox broke after I upgraded from version to 0.93 to 1.0.
    Reverting to old version didn't fix the problem - each time I'd
    load FireFox, all the menus and button were unresponsive and
    address bar inaccessible. The workaround was to load FireFox with a URL
    paramer, such as firefox.exe After I did this, the
    menus came back to life. Now loading FireFox without a parameter works too.
  • Napster

    • If your connection is fast enough, you start playing MP3 file while it is
      still downloading.
    • Clicking on X doesn't really close Napster - you need to kill the program
      in system tray.

  • TraySaver - killing Explorer couple of times can help TraySaver when it's not able to restore
    all the icons by itself.

  • MusicMatch - as you play CD, you can put checkmarks in the list of
    tracks in encoder window.
  • BUZOF - not only window title, but also text inside the window is used.
    Thus, if inner text changes, BUZOF may fail to respond. Solution -
    shorten the 'Message:' field.

  • Microsoft Visual Source Safe