America Online (AOL) tips
  • AIM - sometimes the system icon may get lost. If this happens, kill the Explorer. You will also need a TraySaver utility - it restores the systray after Explorer reload.
  • AOL Instant Messenger - combining several different smiley icons can be used to tell a miniature story, for example:
  • Before AOL's web browser will work, Dialup Networking should be installed in Windows95 - with at least one valid DNS server in TCP/IP->Dialup Adapter.

  • To create new screen, goto keyword "names".

  • Where to report junk mail:
    "Please forward copies of junk email to screen name TOSspam - Postmaster is not the correct screen name to forward junk email to. If TOSspam is full, try TOSspam1, TOSspam2, or TOSspam3. If you still cannot forward a copy of your message, please try again later.

    AOL Postmaster"

  • How to handle .UTF files.
    These are the files created by AOL when it tries to automatically update itself. If it fails, the files will stay in AOL30\TOD folder. AOL tech support guy said: "There is nothing you can do, UTF is AOL's internat format". Bzzz, wrong! .UTF is simply a renamed .ZIP file, uncompresses perfectly by PKUNZIP!

  • There is a way to block junk 'sale' offers that popup now and then when you login - goto keyword Marketing Preferences/Tell us what your Popup Preferences are. BTW, this example shows that AOL tech support is not the truth in last instance - they told me that blocking popups wasn't possible. (You can block junk mail same way - use 'Tell us what your mailing preferences are').

  • AOL 3.0 installation includes IE 3.0 - if you already have IE, beware, it may wipe out your add-ons (such as Pan-European language support). To save your Internet Explorer, watch for AOL installation and hit cancel once it starts uncompressing MSIE30.EXE.
    It won't save you from IE start page being changed to, but this isn't the end of the woild.

  • Trying to run AOL without installing it (say, from a linked drive) can mess up your Winsock installation, if you use TCP/IP connection type.
  • I won't lie (this time), I do like the voice "You've got mail" notfiication. Especially since I can now leave AOL open (flat fee+coexists with my Winsock).
  • Email to AOL takes a while, while outgoing mail arrives instantly. Go, figure.
  • "Personal Publisher is available for web page creation". Now, what the heck is Personal Publisher ?
    Tried it, it stinks. But there is supposedly a better editor, called AolPress.
    11/17/97 No, AolPress is junk too.
  • Check mail you've sent only keeps mail for a couple of weeks. Then it's gone. Life sucks. And then you die.