4DOS Tips
  • You can invoke Windows program with CALL - the batch file will wait for it's return (same effect as with Start /wait).
  • If you need to check whether directory is truly empty, IF EXIST *.* will not work - it only checks for files (not subdirs). However, IF "%@FINDFIRST[*.*]"=="" will do exactly what you need!

  • New feature in 4DOS 5.52:
    Line numbers are now shown in batch file error messages - damned useful!

  • Some commands run noticeably faster if their output is redirected to NUL. ATTRIB, for example.

  • F7 or C-TAB shows list of exacutable files and subdirs - pick one and run/CD.

  • When batch file uses ECHO %gt FILE, file remains open until batch terminates.

  • CDD works with CDPATH.

  • /N flag in DEL/MOVE/COPY command can be used to see if wildcard expands as you expected.

  • ^D works in regular cmdline, not only in hist window.

  • There can be no comments within command group ( ).

  • 4DOS can be used as Windows95 command processor - just add WIN at the end of AUTOEXEC.

  • ^K is 'add to history' key

  • 4DOS 5 includes INC[] and DEC[] functions.